Rural Enterprise Skills

Rural Enterprise Skills Development And Gender Empowerment

Gender concerns are incorporated into KOWAS’s family cantered approach. This means balancing gender concerns by involving men (and boys) as well as women (and girls) in a range of activities. The programme design recognizes the dual burden of women by offering childcare to working mothers. All activities included within this project are orientated towards empowering women and girls to take control of their lives. The innovative approaches which focus on reaching women and girls outside of formal institutions are an important strategy used to reach young women in particular.

The behavior change approach addresses specifically such issues as domestic violence, prostitution, child labor on farms and in market places, early marriage and harmful traditional practices. Engagements with these rural folks is aimed at increasing self-esteem and skills, improving knowledge as to how to deal with institutions outside of the home and fostering a feeling of “belonging” to a group that can provide mutual support. Access to employable skills training such as tie and dye making, soap making, beads making and the provision of micro-credit allows women an opportunity to improve household food security and control over their income.